Student Life at ALCI Chico

"I am very comfortable here in Chico. I have met good friends and look forward to earning my graduate business degree at the university." Former ALCI Chico student F. Almohawes

    Enjoy an active Californian lifestyle

California is world-renowned for its active lifestyle opportunities, and ALCI students can participate in numerous activities through ALCI, Chico State and in the local community. The sunny climate allows students to enjoy plenty of outdoor pursuits and extracurricular activities all year round. These and other events such as concerts, lectures, films and concerts give students plenty of opportunities to test out their language skills with native speakers and to experience authentic American culture.

    Social and cultural activities at ALCI

The long list of events at ALCI includes:

  • Welcome party
  • Ice cream social
  • Hollywood movie night
  • Taco Tuesdays
  • Birthday and holiday parties
  • Picnics and barbecues
  • Concert series on the plaza
  • Downtown Chico farmers’ market
  • Chico mall shopping
  • CSU, Chico International Festival

We also organize trips to San Francisco, Sacramento Kings NBA basketball, Sacramento, Six Flags/Marine World Vallejo and Berkeley, Lassen and Yosemite National Parks, Lake Tahoe (skiing), Mount Shasta (skiing) and various music festival and concerts.

    Join one of CSU Chico’s many student groups

There are many relevant associations at CSU Chico for students from all backgrounds to join. These groups provide great opportunities to practice language skills in a fun and relaxed environment, making lifelong friends along the way. These groups include:

  • Adventure Outings
  • African Student Union
  • American Indian Club
  • Arabic Club
  • Asociacion de Teatro y Poesia
  • Black Leaders on Campus (BLOC)
  • Brazlus
  • Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE)
  • Chico State Hawaiian Club
  • Chico State Men’s and Women’s Ultimate Teams
  • Filipino American Student Organization
  • German Cultural Club
  • Hillel/Jewish Student Union
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar Chapter
  • Hmong Student Association
  • Indian Student Association
  • Iu-Mien Student Association
  • Japanese Animation Club
  • Japanese Fusion (J*Fusion)
  • Korean Student Association (KSA)
  • Men of Honor
  • NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)
  • Pacific Islander Club
  • Russian Club
  • Saudi Student Association
  • Sikh Student Organization
  • Southeast Asian Student Association
  • Sri Lankan Student Association (TSA)
  • Taiwanese Student Association
  • The African Diaspora Organization (TADO)
  • Pan African Union
  • Women of Excellence

With so much going on around campus and beyond, students are spoiled for choice and will quickly gain a feeling of belonging.